Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Abul Hussain Agency & SMMA Rapid Business Growth Consultant
I see way too many people harming their mental health by focusing on things that are not working right now.

Success is a journey and not a destination, and it means different things to different people.

I had big goals in my 20s – some I achieved and others I didn’t.

The biggest setback for me was when my father suddenly passed away and that killed my drive for many years.

My father was an entrepreneur his whole life and the only reason that I wanted to get big till then, was to show him I made it.
For most of my life, I sought his validation.
Now with him out of the picture, my WHY disappeared.
It was only when my daughter was born that my WHY got reignited.
If you really want to succeed with building an agency or any business, you really need to figure out your WHY.
It is your WHY that will keep you up at night, doing things that other people won’t, so that you can live a future that they won’t.
It is super-important to protect your mind from negative influences.
The easiest way to kill progress is to let your mind get poisoned because when the mind shuts down, the rest of your body will shut down too.
You need to have a growth mindset – with every struggle, you only get stronger.
Whatever you are doing this Easter weekend, do take some time out to really focus on what matters – those around you. Because often it is they who suffer the most, when we are dealing with the demons in our heads.
Peace x