One Call Close Sales Script

Hi, Abul here and today I want to talk to you about my famous one call close script.

So what it is the one call close script?

Well essentially it is you being able to close a client over the phone in one call and it goes something like this…

You have done your research and you’ve identified a prospect who is spending money on online advertising. They are driving traffic to their website and you have identified issues in the user journey or on the landing pages or something where there’s a leak where potential customers may be dropping off.

So once you have identified who you’re speaking to and you’ve been able to get them on the phone, the first thing that you say to them is: “Your website is broken and you are losing money that you are spending on advertising.”

You can then give some examples of the different types of ads that you have seen them run, the landing pages and then continue about how you were searching for this keyword and originally came across their ad.

You highlight that saw was a broken landing page, where you experienced these issues. You must get them to think about all the other people out there who will land on the website and will immediately bounce off.

Finally, you propose to do a fuller audit for them – his is not going to be a free audit.

Charge them something small to get a YES on the phone and get your foot through the door. By getting your foot through the door you can again access to their advertising platforms, you can get access to their Google Analytics, you can get access to a whole lot of data that you can then use to create an actual plan to pitch them.

I hope you can see the power of this simple script. One call after doing your homework is all it takes to get someone to sign up as a client.