Sell Without Selling

Today I want to talk to you about how you can sell to prospective clients without selling.

The strategy is quite straightforward and that is you lead with a free audit of some sort as your front-end offer, as part of your prospecting.

This is no different to garages that provide a free vehicle inspection, oil change, etc. to get people through the door.

When you take your car into the garage, they will do the inspection that might normally cost $100 or so for free.

However, it is quite likely that they will find some issue that exists with your car that needs to be remedied.

That is precisely what you should be doing with your clients.

You should offer a free health check on their website, on their advertising, etc. and then create a report that identifies all the areas where they have an issue that could be losing them money.

What you want to do is identify all the issues in a logical manner, so that they can understand without being a digital specialist.

Your report should tell them what to fix and not show them how to do it. Otherwise, they may go away and try to fix it themselves.

Once you have laid everything out in a report, the ‘repair’ sells itself.

You have proven your expertise, established your authority and positioned yourself as a logical solution to fixing the problems.

All you need to do is ask them “When do you want to get started with fixing these issues?”

There you have it, how to sell without selling 😊

Abul Hussain