Selling Without Case Studies

Today, I want to speak about why I believe you can sell to clients even when you’re starting out fresh and have no case studies or testimonials.

In my experience the people who exude confidence and can demonstrate their expertise in a conversation, build a much better rapport with prospective clients than someone who has results and case studies from a totally different niche or industry.

When you’re starting out with no case studies, what you really need to do when speaking to prospective clients is demonstrate your AUTHORITY.¬† This will help you bypass the need for them to ask for referrals, testimonials, case studies or anything like that.

You simply need to show them that you speak the language of their industry and that you understand their industry. You also need to demonstrate that you understand the challenges  being faced by their industry.

The moment you can speak to them in a language that they understand, you will stand out head and shoulders above any other digital marketing consultant or freelancer out there, and often that is enough to seal the deal.

If you can throw some ideas around in your conversations and give them a couple of quick tips that they can implement, it will demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.

If they are still hung up about references, you can offer a one-month trial, where they pay upon results and there’s little or no risk to them upfront.

Sometimes you can be very honest once you’ve built some rapport and propose to them that you’d charge them a lower rate for the first month, in return for a testimonial.

This testimonial/case study will be an asset that can be used in future pitches with larger clients.

The bottom line is this… The lack of a testimonial should not be holding you back from prospecting and making connections with business owners in your target niche.

If you still need any advice or guidance on how to apply this strategy, then feel free to reach out to Abul Hussain.