How to sign up an SMMA client today

Hi, Abul here and today I want to talk to you about how you can land a client in the next 24 hours.

This is based on my experience, so those of you who know me, know that I’ve been in the digital marketing space for 12 years.

I have built agencies that have been backed by venture capital from zero to multi-million dollars and now I have my own agency servicing my own clients.

So how do you land a client in the next 24 hours?

Open a newspaper – you might read something every day or weekly – find companies and businesses that are running half-page ads and full-page ads.

You can call up the publication find out how much that kind of space costs, so they’ll tell you how much it costs roughly to take out a full-page ad or a half-page ad.

You will then have an idea of how much this client is spending on their offline advertising.  

What I want you to do next is if they have a website, go to the website see how the website is set up.

Do a little audit of all of the improvements that they can make, talk about the user experience, talk about the customer experience – how when someone lands on their website they really are probably going to get lost or something along those lines.

It is quite rare to find a website where essentially from the moment you land it’s optimized in an efficient manner.

What you would then do is reach out to that business owner and talk to them about their offline ad – so don’t even go in talking about online ads!

Speak to them about their offline marketing and mention that you’ve seen their website.

Now since they are already spending on marketing would they be interested in finding out how they can make their website work better for them?

That should be your conversation opener and often what you do find is the moment you open that conversation, they will tell you about their budgets, how things have been working, how the traffic is to the website and what’s converting and all of the things that they’ve tried.

This approach allows you to have a better understanding of what to pitch them and once you establish rapport, you’re a step closer to signing them up.