Taking a 360 view of your digital marketing

A common theme I have found amongst many business owners is that often they feel that their digital marketing is simply not working.

Usually, they would have hired an agency or had a go themselves at running a Search Advertising campaign, which had provided very little if any positive results.

Therefore, with no ROI to celebrate, they may end up retreating to their traditional marketing channels.

Does this sound like a familiar situation to you?

Normally, I would explain to my client that they need to take a more holistic view of their digital campaigns and that they need to look beyond the clicks.

What I mean by that is that more than half of the people who have landed on your website via a paid click, will not purchase on their first visit.

I have read a report by a leading eCommerce platform that stated only 40% of visitors to your online store will purchase straight away.

The obvious mathematical conclusion is that 60% of those visitors have not purchased an item on their first visit.

So what do we do now?

We know that we’ve run a highly targeted campaign on Google AdWords and that these visitors are supposed to be our hottest prospects. So why are we making a loss?

Often this will be the point where many small businesses would call it quits or fire their agency.

What they often forget is that the 60% who left without buying, still may be interested in their products or services!

That is precisely why your digital marketing strategy needs to have multiple touch-points and not a single one.

Granted that Search Advertising is often the most profitable form of digital marketing and brings in revenue immediately.

However, even with the hottest prospects landing on your website, you may still fail to monetise them.

Usually this is because of the poor User Experience that they’ve experienced after landing on your website.

For example, when did you last test the loading speed of your website? Did you know that a two second delay increases abandonment rates by 20%?

Some other points to consider include:

  • Are you landing all of your visitors to pages that are tailored to what they’re looking for or to a generic home page?
  • Is you navigation intuitive in design and user friendly?
  • Does your landing page have a clear Call To Action?
  • How does your website/landing page compare to that of your key competitors?

That’s plenty of food for thought there of what the issues may be onsite and can be the quick fixes.

Looking beyond the confines of your website, how are you re-engaging with the 60% that did abandon your website?

Are you remarketing/retargeting them with banner ads on Facebook or other websites that they may be browsing?

Are you popping up in those skippable video ads on YouTube, reminding these people that you’re still in business and can help them to find what they are looking for?

Did you manage to collect an email address from them to follow up on?

I’m sure by now you can see why it is so important not to have tunnel vision over the performance on one digital channel.

To really succeed with acquiring new customers via digital marketing profitably, you need to take a 360 view of your digital marketing strategy.

Would you like me to help you map out that 360 view? If so, get in touch today 🙂